Positioning [verb]

Definition of Positioning:

place physically in location

Synonyms of Positioning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Positioning:

Sentence/Example of Positioning:

They are shown here as inset sidenotes except where paragraph breaks make this positioning impractical.

Slightly constricted at midsection but otherwise without taper; positioning of nail holes as in no. 9.

Difficulties may be experienced in riveting, unless great care is taken in the positioning of rivets.

The positioning of these accents has been made consistent where there was a variation in a few instances.

The positioning of page numbers in the Table of Contents has been changed slightly to accommodate small-screen display devices.

Additionally, other minor changes have been made in positioning of page numbers to accommodate positioning of page numbers.

Incidentally, the position that was used throughout all of the positioning of the car was the President's.

At what position—what was the basis for your positioning of that rifle during those tests?