Extremism [noun]

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The civil rights carve-out, for example, may be well intentioned but could lead to a worsening situation as those who support political extremism try to turn their beliefs into protected speech.

“The entire infrastructure of that website from the beginning was about incitement,” said Rita Katz, executive director of SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors online extremism.

Often staffed in part by the formerly radicalized, they are on the front lines of the fight against right-wing extremism, a growing threat that is in the spotlight but which experts argue has long been neglected.

The vast majority joined the military for the right reasons, but even as extremism rises in society broadly, it will rise in the military.

In other words, we have evidence that a member of Congress promoted the kind of extremism and even bloodlust that led to an attempted insurrection at the Capitol.

The Senate is now charged with assessing the man who stoked extremism, racism and fear, who caused the veracity of the vote in the recent election to be questioned because he questioned the validity of the voters themselves.

Authorities will blame extremism not just on Signal and Telegram, but also on Bitcoin and anything they can’t control.

Changing nothing about our tactics will only deepen extremism and further the threat of violence hanging over our heads.

So far, those legal tools have gone largely unused in relation to right-wing extremism, experts say.

When you have a body that huge, you’re gonna find some people with ties to extremism in it.