Superstition [noun]

Definition of Superstition:

belief in sign of things to come

Synonyms of Superstition:

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Sentence/Example of Superstition:

Superstition has its season as well as sulphur-baths and chalybeate springs.

It was quite evident that Mrs. Tremain had all the superstition of Mexico.

The Indian religion is not one of worship, but one of fear and superstition.

Tales of superstition and all mystery stories of the unknown.

“It is your reason against my—superstition,” she said slowly.

The grip of her superstition had left him more understanding of her desire to get away.

Three witnesses were then called: Envy, Superstition, and Pickthank.

My father told me that that superstition existed on Earth in his time, too.

Superstition had lent its awful power to the sanctions of religion.

Monarchy was once a Faith; it will henceforth be but a Superstition.'