Shibboleth [noun]

Definition of Shibboleth:


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Sentence/Example of Shibboleth:

The Shibboleth is always absurd and in a case like the present ruinous.

High warp and low warp are the terms so often used as to seem a shibboleth.

How tiresome the shibboleth which many clergymen talk in church is!

This does not mean that all ethics lies compact in the shibboleth, Be yourself.

He did not repudiate the sincerely pious, because they could not say his “Shibboleth.”

"And sold to——" became our slogan, our shibboleth and our most familiar sentence.

Progress, the white man's shibboleth, has no meaning for the Patagonian.

There is a crispness and sharpness about his tones—that shibboleth of militaryism.

A Frenchman might as well try to give the password of Shibboleth.

Its words were the touchstone of wills, the shibboleth of souls.