Catchword [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Catchword:

Whenever we take up a new idea as a crowd, we at once turn it into a catchword and a fad.

It used to be a catchword of naval correspondents that "submarine cannot fight submarine."

“Unclean,” he muttered, recalling a catchword of the world he gazed upon.

Despots obtain their mastery over the crowd by the sword: demagogues by the catchword.

A man who has done that has seen England--not the name or the map or the rhetorical catchword, but the thing.

It proves its poverty when it is nothing more than the vain echo of a familiar catchword.

"'Water is King,'" he was saying, quoting thus the catchword of this particular concern.

The epigram of Seneca, "longum iter per praecepta, breve per exempla," was the popular catchword of the age.

The stroke was welcomed with cheers and laughter; and "contraband" became a catchword.

They are a happy crowd, and roar jest and catchword to the passengers on the crossing ferries.