Kidding [verb]

Definition of Kidding:

fool, ridicule

Synonyms of Kidding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kidding:


Sentence/Example of Kidding:

And, whenever you see a Dub kidding a Lout, you can be assured that the dub is trying to lift himself above a similar rating.

He had tried to tease her in the old manner, but his kidding had lacked its usual carelessness.

A jolly old uncle who was there and who was looked on as the sage and wit of the Welsh settlement, began kidding me.

Our meeting consisted in good part of his "kidding" me, because I was lacking in the congenial vices of the caf.

"I was just kidding myself," he said, with his usual blunt honesty, but with a wistful note of disappointment.

He knew Arcot was kidding, but he also knew how far Arcot would go when he was kidding—and this sounded like he meant it.

No kidding, is that how those rats triggered off all these quakes?

“Quit your kidding,” grinned Brennan, with a facetious poke in the ribs, and strolled back to the bench.

I sliced into a ditch and away we went, leaving a great deal of promiscuous kidding behind us.

A light dawned upon the sheriff; Bulldog had put many a practical joke over—he was kidding.