Pretend [verb]

Definition of Pretend:

fake, falsify

Opposite/Antonyms of Pretend:

Sentence/Example of Pretend:

She would fall in with his better mood and pretend goodness!

I must not pretend, then, that I have a system ready to replace all the other systems.

When they come in, pretend you just came here in order to meet me.

Why did you pretend to me that you and your wife were alone in the room—when you had that there with you, eh?

Stretch yourself full-length in this arm-chair, and pretend to be dead.

Why, now, will you have the assurance to pretend to forget who I am?

He resolved to pretend to be dumb, and he charged Terence not to betray him.

It was vain to pretend to himself that he was not disappointed.

Why did you pretend to be my counsellor and friend, when you were my rival?

I pretend not to say it is so; but it must be allowed it looks very much like it.