Securities [noun]

Definition of Securities:

safety, protection

Synonyms of Securities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Securities:

Sentence/Example of Securities:

And then the regard I have hitherto had for my reputation is another of their securities.

I have reason to believe that you will not find any securities or bonds there at all!

And I'll go with you and deliver the securities to Mr. Chase.

That's four hours, and it will take some time to transfer the securities, and get the cash.

This explains the slight rise in the value of Irish securities.

I have enough money and securities to cover the loss of any of his money.

Will you have the goodness to give me a line to Hacket about the securities?

Has the scoundrel who ran away with his securities been caught?

It has always been said that my father stole all the securities and fled.

They use the same kind of money; they make loans on lands or on securities.