Asylum [noun]

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Cuccinelli allegedly felt the reports were written solely to push back on the president’s asylum policy.

The agreements require that migrants who travel from other countries through Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras to reach the US-Mexico border must first apply for asylum in one of those three countries, before applying for asylum in the US.

It includes an explanation about how incomplete, inconsistent and erroneous asylum data is and an interactive so you can see what it’s like to go through the asylum process yourself.

Be sure to check out this deep dive into how asylum works and all the problems riddling the asylum system from the Union-Tribune.

This includes a travel ban on 31 countries, the end of asylum at the southern border, and the suspension of immigration for many family- and employment-based categories as well as four temporary-worker programs.

In addition, we also call upon governments to guarantee that LGBTI people who are forced to flee have unrestricted access to asylum procedures.

Some have chosen to stay in the city, because navigating the asylum process and coming to the United States is increasingly difficult.

They presented themselves at the border near Eagle Pass, Texas, in March 2020, to request asylum.

It is evident in its policies regarding immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and attitudes towards China.

Foreign families of neutral nationality sought more tranquil asylum far beyond the suburbs or on ships lying in the harbour.