Hideout [noun]

Definition of Hideout:

hiding place

Synonyms of Hideout:

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Sentence/Example of Hideout:

Now a state park, the cave itself once served as a hideout for outlaws and river pirates.

Funneling at the top of the burrow also points to the ancient worm emerging from its hideout, retreating and then rebuilding the top sections over and over again.

But for that price I'll see that you and all your boys get a nice cool spot to hideout in, somewhere a long way from New York.

This proved to be an ancient red brick lodging house which would have made an excellent hideout for a criminal.

This time the words of the Eye's message were clearly projected onto the ceiling of the crimester's hideout.

We could act as guides for the girls and at the same time perhaps discover a clue to the hideout of the rustlers.

And then tonight, after Lefty gave us this hideout location, I didn't have time to explain again.

But a planet like that, if one had the survival equipment, would make a wonderful hideout.

I crawled out of my hideout cautiously, stood up in a low crouch and began to run.

He realized that he must now be getting nearer the den where the two unknown men used as a hideout.