Proceeds [noun]

Definition of Proceeds:

earnings from business

Synonyms of Proceeds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proceeds:




Sentence/Example of Proceeds:

I afterward sold their horse, and sent them the balance of the proceeds.

He had excited her attention, he now proceeds to address her conscience.

The proceeds of these tickets were given to the local hospital.

My motives for suspending, proceeds she, were not merely ceremonious ones.

Shakib then proceeds to give us a verbatim report of the interview.

Khalid proceeds with his allegory of the Muleteer and the Pack-Mule.

The church receives these proceeds, and pays for the masses.

Through the centuries and the ages it proceeds with deliberate and certain step.

Socrates proceeds to discover the nature of justice by a method of residues.

Socrates proceeds:—The guardians of our state are to be watch-dogs, as we have already said.