Product [noun]

Definition of Product:

result or goods created

Opposite/Antonyms of Product:

Sentence/Example of Product:

The poor man often does not receive the product of his own work.

Formerly duty was paid not upon the root itself but its product.

Dilly looked at this product of the patient art of woman with a dispirited gaze.

By the close of 1869, it is expected the product will reach a thousand tons daily.

The latter ordered the road to refuse to carry the product of their competitors.

The Hizen was an American product, having been built by Cramps in 1902.

He should learn what the South Americans want and conform his product to their wants.

Suddenly, what they had recently undergone seemed the product of an illusion, a dream.

Now, however, there is a growing tendency to diversify the product.

The Jack frame is similar except that its product is finer and smoother.