Decoction [noun]

Definition of Decoction:

drink; alcoholic beverage

Synonyms of Decoction:

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Sentence/Example of Decoction:

He chewed the gum to make his breath sweet and drank a decoction of the root to make him live forever.

From the infusion made with boiling water, or from the decoction.

From the infusion or decoction of the root of white bryony (Bryonia dioica).

By evaporating the decoction, or the infusion made with hot water.

From the decoction of the fresh root of couch grass, evaporated to the consistence of new honey.

From the infusion or decoction of black hellebore (Helleborus officinalis).

From the decoction of the bark of the common elm (Ulmus campestris).

On the large scale, this extract is prepared solely by decoction.

(From the root-bark; Extractum corticis sarz, L.) From the decoction or tincture of the root-bark.

Its decoction on cooling frequently deposits a yellow powder.