Potable [adjective]

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We have so far discussed only the various sources of potable water.

Beside him strode his shadow, and lengthened as the sun westered in a haze of potable gold.

That bacteria are not an inevitable element in potable water is proved by their absence from that of deep springs.

At the time of my visit there was but scanty water in the canyon and that not potable except for stock.

They flow very clear—running over the chalk, clean and potable streams.

Boiling and filtration are the means of removing impurities of this kind from potable waters.

The spring water is potable and affords the nearest available water source.

A number of springs are located in this vicinity, all, at present, permanent and potable.

A chemist reads with interest Djafar's antique method of obtaining nitric He solves the problem of potable gold.

Djafar may thus be considered as having solved the grand alchemical problem of obtaining gold in a potable state.