Confection [noun]

Definition of Confection:

sweet food

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Sentence/Example of Confection:

The nonstick coating spares you the stress of seeing your perfect confection fall apart when you take it out of the pan to cool.

The azucarilla is a confection not unlike "Edinburgh rock," but more porous and of the nature of a meringue.

La vieille mre est sujett des maux d'estomac, et je lui ai apport un pot de confection d'hyacinthe.

This confection was embossed with a hundred intricate designs, rich with silver; un-Amish as a Christmas tree.

Confections deals with that very delightful and fascinating part of cookery--confection making.

They have an extensive use in cookery, both as a confection and an ingredient in cakes, puddings, and pastry.

If egg whites are used in the preparation of a confection, an egg whip is needed.

These are a very delightful confection, and can easily be made if the accompanying directions are carefully followed.

Nuts and raisins are used in this confection, but if desired they may be omitted.

Curd and cake and sweet confection are for feasting Brahmans spread, And a hundred thousand people are with sumptuous viands fed!