Cake [noun]

Definition of Cake:

bar of something

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Sentence/Example of Cake:

In 1992, the rice cake and popcorn cake market was valued at $174 million and growing.

CEO at Bandwagon, a fan identity and data and analytics startup in AustinKiddopia, which is optimized for preschool-aged kids, features fun lessons on ABCs and numbers but also includes skills-based things like baking a cake or making a pizza.

Try it out on other foods, like brownies, cakes, veggies, and more.

Instead of laying a chip’s various “neighborhoods” next to each other in a 2D silicon sprawl, they’ve stacked them on top of each other like a layer cake.

With proper preparations, online reputation management becomes a piece of cake.

As I said, we do have a free-market economy, meaning that the cake should be as big as it could be.

They would feed him apples, potatoes and sometimes bits of cake that Bob's mother gave them.

It was with much amazement that they watched Henrietta absorb sandwiches, cake, eggs, and fruit.

She peered around the room for the last time, and then dropped two small clean towels and a cake of soap into the bag.

The celebrant sprinkled the victim with wine and salted cake, and made a symbolic gesture with the knife.