Commodity [noun]

Definition of Commodity:

merchandise, possession

Synonyms of Commodity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commodity:


Sentence/Example of Commodity:

As the years passed, paracord became a common civilian commodity.

According to Colyer, these failures often arise because companies fail to understand the cyclical nature of crypto mining, which he likens to the price swings that occur in commodity markets.

In fact, Goldman is tracking cross-border investment flows into equities, commodities and fixed-income assets.

Left-handed pitching has long been one of the most prized commodities in professional baseball.

Other people have suggested that we ought to have accounted for incumbency in the uncertainty index, on the theory that when incumbents are running for reelection, they are known commodities, which should reduce volatility.

Farmers in rural Wisconsin have felt for years like they’re getting ripped off, whether its milk prices or any other type of commodity.

In fact, if we’re talking about commodity crops, agriculture is very seasonal.

Of late she hasn't had very much of the latter commodity, and she was quite bowled over.

Formerly, when a commodity was adulterated, it could be returned, and the courts became sorely troubled to defend an adulteration.

He wished to procure a barrel of salt, as the supply of that commodity was exhausted in his part of the country.