Invention [noun]

Definition of Invention:

creation, creativeness

Synonyms of Invention:

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Sentence/Example of Invention:

Yes, keyword or contextual-based advertising is an old tactic, I am not talking about the invention of the wheel.

From the earliest days of the crisis, the Institute’s alumni, labs, and companies have been reworking their research and inventions to meet these pressing challenges.

Many useful inventions, he notes, combine existing technologies in such new ways.

Yet their work includes approaches common to the process of invention.

So, for some people, invention is a way to reduce friction in their lives.

One of the simplest of these childish tricks is the invention of an excuse for not instantly obeying a command, as "Come here!"

Wordsworth has illustrated how an unwise and importunate demand for a reason from a child may drive him into invention.

Each new invention threw thousands of hand-workers out of employment.

Dynamite, by the good fortune of invention, came to the revolutionary at the very moment when it was most wanted.

This epoch-making invention, introduced in 1832, rendered possible extraordinary developments.