Output [noun]

Definition of Output:

something produced

Synonyms of Output:

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Sentence/Example of Output:

They're negotiating now with the Rothschilds to limit the output of the Rio Tinto mines.

From that time he has been adding steadily to his output and his reputation.

The production of gold is only incidental, as it were, while the output of silver might be doubled.

Our wives, if they condescend to have any offspring at all, limit the output to one.

And there has been an actual increase in the output of energy.

They are useful, however, only if the output be very large indeed.

But to follow them you must understand how the output is measured.

The efficiency of the boiler is the output divided by the input.

But on Hap's shoulders rests the output for our entire department.

The magnetites furnish about one-sixteenth of the output of the United States.