Socket [noun]

Definition of Socket:

cavity, pouch

Synonyms of Socket:

Opposite/Antonyms of Socket:

Sentence/Example of Socket:

Do you think the button at the top may have had a socket for a horse hair plume?

A candle had been burning in the parlour, but it was now spluttering in the fat at the socket.

With a report that rang through the room like a pistol shot, it broke off in its socket.

And behind her the lamp in its socket on the wall smoked a trifle from a too-high wick.

I fell into the chair, jammed the rod-butt into the socket, and began to pump and wind.

When I sat down to jam the rod-butt in the socket I had awakened to possibilities.

Then I sat down, jammed the rod in the socket, put on the drag, and began to strike.

He absently took the whip from its socket, flecking the horse with it as he spoke.

Then with a great wrench the cross was lifted into the socket prepared for it.

The drill and the bow and socket are fully described in the illustration.