Cell [noun]

Definition of Cell:

smallest living organism

Synonyms of Cell:

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Sentence/Example of Cell:

It also works offline, so it’s handy even if there is no cell service.

Consequently, we who are dominated by a bacterial ecosystem ten times larger than our own body’s cells also belong to the great continuum of life.

In theory, that could prompt the formation of not just antibodies but also T cells and specialized forms of immunity in the nasal passage, leading to broader protection.

The genetic mutation results in sickle-shaped red blood cells.

These types of cells are also specifically targeted by the coronavirus.

They are equipped with sets of “pattern recognition receptors” that recognize molecular features common to many pathogens or damaged cells.

They also believe she’s signaling the workers not to let the other quacking queens out of their cells.

In a recent study, he and colleagues measured levels of a protein on human cells called ACE2 that’s thought to be one of the ways the virus can infect the cells.

In July, Oxford reported initial results showing the vaccine increased levels of protective neutralizing antibodies and immune T-cells that target and destroy infected cells.

The supposedly hydrogen-powered truck didn't have a hydrogen fuel cell, nor did it have the motors and gears required to drive the wheels.