Egg [noun]

Definition of Egg:

seed, cell; embryo of an animal

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Sentence/Example of Egg:

Finally, stack your eggadilla on a tortilla, with a layer of cheese on the bottom, your egg and veg in the middle, and another layer of cheese on top, and then add the second tortilla.

The tortilla and hash browns provide a nice boost of carb-based energy, while the eggs and cheese round things out with protein and fat.

Last year was a landmark one for the industry, according to Caroline Bushnell, director of corporate engagement for the Good Food Institute, a nonprofit that promotes alternatives to traditional meat, dairy and eggs.

Her supervisors would egg her on to keep drinking, even when they knew she had a low tolerance for alcohol, she said.

Truthfully, separating eggs takes a little practice and a willingness to accept that you may not be successful 100 percent of the time.

Each order isn’t just an egg sandwich, but includes an “action card” of kindness, like reaching out to a neighbor “to bring people together,” he said.

For an orange-flavored cake, rub the zest of 1 orange into the sugar before combining with the eggs.

Some enriched doughs, those containing such ingredients as butter, sugar and eggs, like slightly warmer temperatures, Owens says.

Be sure to request fresh eggs from the chickens on-site to be delivered for your breakfast.

I never have a problem using it up because I love the flavor it adds to roasted vegetables, potato or egg salad as well as into soups and stews.