Fluting [noun]

Definition of Fluting:

pathway, usually containing water

Synonyms of Fluting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fluting:

Sentence/Example of Fluting:

This was no high-pitched fluting from aliens deprived of their sport, but a hissing nightmare cry.

As he moved, a bit of gilt fluting dipped forward out of the gloom of the chimney-corner.

The fluting of the Doric column will thus be finished in the style appropriate to it.

Even Emmie's faint fluting came out more effectively, and Val could easier have wept than gone on singing.

It shot forth from the central fluting of a column that supported the pediment of the bookcase.

The fluting of the blackbirds in Knockdane only seemed the more mellow for the rain, and skylarks mounted up in rapturous jubilee.

This may be done by fluting the edge with the fingers or, as shown in Fig. 10, making marks with the tines of a fork.

Each column has a different design above the fluting which runs half-way up them all.

The basal edge was then reflaked to the desired pitch or level to facilitate repeating the fluting procedure on the other face.

The hafting constriction was sometimes partially worked out before fluting.