Runway [noun]

Definition of Runway:


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Sentence/Example of Runway:

A dark form hurtled down the runway and lifted like a flash.

"I'm afraid I forgot all about your cameras when I came in over the runway," Stan replied.

As he laid over he saw the withering fire on the runway lift.

The runway was raised to successive horizontals as the work progressed.

"Here's the runway and this here hazel bush is my station," he said.

It was 10:20 when I came down to find them waiting for me on the runway.

Thieves and thugs made it a runway, and decent people shunned it.

It was not a mere deer's runway: these are found everywhere in the mountains.

He saw a crash wagon starting out from the side of the runway.

As the trainer spoke, Hotchkiss came rushing down the runway.