Dodged [verb]

Definition of Dodged:


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Sentence/Example of Dodged:

Squinty heard one man cry, and then the comical little pig dodged under a bush, and kept on running.

As Dorothy approached the wall Peter dodged behind it and, for a moment, she thought he had run away.

A stocky man dodged around from behind the woman and came rapidly down the platform, neat, crisp, briefcase under his arm.

The girl saw that she was going to be overtaken before reaching the door, and dodged to one side.

“Why, Henry Burns,” she had exclaimed, catching sight of him as he dodged out of the door.

He dodged back and forth between our boats, tacking right and left as quick as anything I ever saw, and just slipped by us.

Barker dodged, but the edge of it cut open his eyebrow as it whizzed by, and the blood flowed fast.

But the latter, who was watching him, dodged the missile, which struck into the wall a few inches from his head.

Whilst the shelling was on, they dodged down in their trenches, and popped up again when it was over.

Near the Oriole Factory their leader suddenly dodged in behind the piles of sawed lumber, motioning them to haste.