Strayed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Strayed:

Nor can I conjecture how far I strayed north or south from my course.

I only saw your four turrets in the distance, and strayed in here by accident.

Since he had been set down there his eyes had not strayed from the statue of the Virgin.

If so, how had it strayed into my possession—alone, yet more to me than all that was left behind?

Her hand had strayed lightly over his hair in that instant of forgetfulness.

Then he strayed down by the creek, as I have said, to tell his grief to the fishes.

He had strayed off the course and was trespassing upon his neighbors' premises.

Timon was in their company and would not have strayed far, so that he had betrayed them.

Mine was that it had strayed off and hidden in some ravine or clump of bushes.

Frequently they strayed from the path and were forced to halt.