Subjugated [verb]

Definition of Subjugated:

overpower, defeat

Synonyms of Subjugated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subjugated:

Sentence/Example of Subjugated:

No great creative art has ever been produced by a subjugated class.

Little worlds will be subjugated by the bigger ones, and so on.

Unlike the earth, it cannot be subjugated at any cost of patience and toil.

It may be subjugated by tradition, it may be surprised by stratagem.

By it the subjugated countries were organized into a great state.

Markham, embarrassed but subjugated, disengaged it timidly from his wife's waist.

I would have been ashamed at your age if I could not have subjugated any man alive.

So utterly was he subjugated by her presence that she did not even run the risk of his passion.

Even at this late period, the States might singly be subjugated.

He forgot yesterday as easily as he evaded to-day and subjugated to-morrow.