Enslaved [verb]

Definition of Enslaved:

make someone a servant

Synonyms of Enslaved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enslaved:

Sentence/Example of Enslaved:

The discovery is another piece in the saga of the early Catholic plantations in Maryland, their link to Georgetown and the culminating sale by the Jesuits of more than 200 enslaved people in 1838 to save the college.

An additional 300,000, or nearly 40 percent of the total number of inhabitants, were enslaved people.

Formerly known as “Penn School,” this was one of the country’s first schools for formerly enslaved individuals.

In another, an enslaved man is dutifully following his master off to war.

To say that asking people to stay home to limit the spread of a deadly disease is an act functionally equivalent to enslaving people is simply bonkers.

THE spirit of darkness holds mankind enslaved, but one human being escapes him.

She revolted against the tyranny that held her shut in, enslaved, body and soul, in that wonderful Greek world of hers.

As long as the sun endures, or the stars, may it wave over a nation neither enslaved nor enslaving.

The Pisans, who were by this time completely enslaved by Uguccione, seized the opportunity to rise.

But the more men are enslaved by worldly success, the more certainly are they cut off from domestic pleasures.