Disenfranchise [verb]

Definition of Disenfranchise:

make someone a servant

Synonyms of Disenfranchise:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disenfranchise:

Sentence/Example of Disenfranchise:

Working together today, we can begin to repair the damage of decades of disenfranchising minority groups.

While there are outliers, we have unfortunately left major demographic groups behind, even disenfranchised them.

I really think disenfranchising that entire population — we’re in real danger of that at this point.

He said the weighted vote disenfranchises over 1 million residents represented by those board members.

The city of San Diego faces the dual crisis of severe budget cuts and a growing demand to increase spending on communities that have been historically disenfranchised.

Not only this, but he proposed to the provincial assembly a measure to disenfranchise all persons who have concubines.

They effectively discount any and all other means of acquiring knowledge, and totally disenfranchise individuals who cannot read.

The whole thing is gone, and for my part I wish they'd disenfranchise the borough.

I wish they'd disenfranchise the whole country, and send us a military governor.