Caricature [noun]

Definition of Caricature:

exaggerated description in writing, drawing

Synonyms of Caricature:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caricature:

Sentence/Example of Caricature:

Nor did Ethel know that that caricature had been the cause of the black eye that Harry had brought home last summer.

His look of consternation was exaggerated into a most comical caricature, in order to hide how much of it was real.

A caricature grotesque and impish, and yet one that no human being could mistake—a caricature by the hand of a master!

The uncle was always horrible; he was one of the very ugliest of Spaniards; he was a brutal caricature of the national type.

I have made it a caricature of a superhuman ass I know—Tomlinson—who thinks he can decorate.

For instance, in 1621 he published a caricature picture, entitled ‘Spayne and Rome Defeated.’

You feel its beauty and sublimity, and if you attempt to give words to your feeling you produce a caricature.

As to his wit, it had a decided tendency towards satire and caricature.

It was screamingly funny, and he threw himself into the character, or caricature, making Wilson seem absurdly ridiculous.

Here is the sketch: it's pretty good of Nora, but of course it's a caricature of Chad.