Focal [adjective]

Definition of Focal:

pertaining to a focus

Synonyms of Focal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Focal:


Sentence/Example of Focal:

With wide receiver Michael Thomas on injured reserve through the end of the regular season because of his ankle injury, Kamara is the focal point of the offense.

Spotify has understandably been the focal point for this conversation, all while the company has spent hundreds of millions to bolster its podcast programming.

Coach Ron Rivera said the team has worked with Apke on his angles, one of his major focal points since college, and that “he’s done a nice job.”

We lost six talented, athletic guys that were going to be the focal point of our team.

In those cases it says it will experiment with how such images are presented, aiming to do so in a way that “doesn’t lose the creator’s intended focal point or take away from the integrity of the photo”.

However, creative separation is a newer focal point in streaming.

My two eyes haven't quite the same focal length and this often puts me out of the straight with a column of figures.

The observed effect is probably due to the fact that the focal surface is not flat, but curved.

It contains a telescope made by Fitz, whose focal length is seventeen feet, and its object-glass is twelve and a half inches.

That of M. de Vilette was three feet eleven inches in diameter, and its focal distance was three feet two inches.