Arranged [verb]

Definition of Arranged:

put in an order

Synonyms of Arranged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arranged:

Sentence/Example of Arranged:

We had three long tables which Liszt arranged to suit himself, his own place being in the middle.

They are still comparatively supple, and any misplaced pinnæ may be re-arranged without any difficulty.

The other day an excursion was arranged to Sondershausen, a town about three hours' ride from Weimar in the cars.

So it was all arranged, and Lawrence went to see his uncle and tell him of his new position on Blair's staff.

It was a direct lie to tell the Austrian commander that an armistice had been arranged and the bridge ceded to the French.

Rarely, sodium urate occurs in crystalline form—slender prisms, arranged in fan- or sheaf-like structures (Fig. 32).

The lawyers do it for you; and if she goes away with Lovelock, nothing will be more simple than for me to have it arranged.

Masters and I arranged to come home together and eventually reached Cape Town.

The plain furniture was stiffly arranged, and there was no litter of clothing or small feminine belongings.

For that reason a marriage distasteful to both had already been arranged between him and the Roshinara Begum.