Inapplicability [noun]

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He had grown up with the name, and its inapplicability now came home to nobody.

What I am concerned to point out is simply the inapplicability of Newman's argument to one in Fitzjames's state of mind.

They recognised a certain weakness in their ware in regard to its inapplicability to figures and groups.

Tremenheere argued the inapplicability of American institutions to Great Britain.

Against all these interpretations there lies moreover the objection founded on the inapplicability of the term 'Self.'

This inapplicability has been curiously manifested during the embarrassment caused by the late strikes of our workmen.

Hence the inapplicability of the details to the country generally.

Its inapplicability to Berkeley would seem to prove that Kant had no first-hand knowledge of Berkeleys writings.

In the latter locality, indeed, the inapplicability of authorised surnames has led to their total disuse.

I suppose the truth is, gentlemen, that the English Government felt the utter inapplicability of that law to a case of this kind.