Stolidity [noun]

Definition of Stolidity:


Opposite/Antonyms of Stolidity:

Sentence/Example of Stolidity:

His manner, however, made no impression on Timmins's stolidity.

He had learnt his virtue by observing Peggy, an Indian virtue at that—stolidity.

Her stolidity of manner and her logic, ponderous and irresistible, had their effect.

A kind of English stolidity about them baffled him—ten of them remained ten.

In some fashion its silence and stolidity steadied her for her errand.

Her stolidity showed no anxiety; she was too sure of the result.

Stolidity is the pet affectation of the breed; at heart he is as garrulous as an ape.

Later, we had another instance of his stolidity; that was when crossing a salt lake.

With all its rude plainness and stolidity, he loved the German mind.

These Indians are particularly exasperating by their laziness and stolidity.