Intendment [noun]

Definition of Intendment:

aim, purpose

Synonyms of Intendment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intendment:


Sentence/Example of Intendment:

According to the reason of the rule, the great appropriation bills must be equally within its intendment.

Other differences cropped up as to the phraseology of the Wilson Resolution and its legal intendment.

The wisdom and providence of the king must not be disputed by the subject; by intendment they cannot be severed from his person.

While in some doubt as to the legal sufficiency of this instrument, McAllister felt that its intendment was unmistakable.

Thus far in our history, under the malignant influence of Slavery, the odious construction or intendment has prevailed.

The law must govern in its natural and plain intendment, and will not be frittered away by extraneous interpretation.

But I cannot find that, either in fact or in legal intendment, he was appointed during the present Presidential term.

I say positive intendment; for nothing is to be presumed against liberty.

But Jacob denied that he came to their house with any such intendment, nor did it appear so to the Court.

For their lives, neither could have translated its deep intendment.