Mendacity [noun]

Definition of Mendacity:


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Sentence/Example of Mendacity:

That, and his career of mendacity, would start at breakfast.

And Harry had the mendacity to assure her that this was a favorite habit of mine.

Because Falsehood was blemished in having no feet, she was called mendacium or mendacity.

The yellow-press surpassed themselves in clamor and mendacity.

This concluding paragraph is simply a tissue of mendacity and absurdity.

He called it diplomacy; some persons might have rudely termed it mendacity.

The yellow press surpassed themselves in clamor and mendacity.

The mendacity of these old legend-makers is equaled only by their fertility of imagination.

They praised him later for his "mendacity," yet what he said was true to the letter.

All variations from their standard indicate an unvarying tendency to mendacity.