Prevarication [noun]

Definition of Prevarication:


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Sentence/Example of Prevarication:

Calendar, he believed, was capable of prevarication, polite and impolite.

There was no prevarication or difficulty with the only witness examined.

He had so ingenious a manner of prevarication that he actually believed his own tales.

I scorn a lie—my prayer is to leave every prevarication behind.

Mind, I must have truthful and straightforward answers—no prevarication.'

His arm tightened over her hand, but he made no attempt at prevarication.

I never knew another man so fertile in the art of prevarication.

Mrs. Danner, filled with consternation, sought refuge in prevarication.

The question was too precisely put to allow of any prevarication.

They can perform prodigies of prevarication and get away with them.