Corporeality [noun]

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One participant later told of a conversation with God—who had appeared as golden streams of light—assuring them that everything that exists is perfect, even if their limited corporeal self couldn’t fully understand that.

The latter becomes rigid and assumes a covering, thickness and corporeality so that it can be perceived by sight.

This form of corporeality makes the prime matter corporeal substance.

Four things must be removed from God: corporeality, affection, potentiality, resemblance to his creatures.

On the way he was accompanied by a hovering shadow, the corporeality of which he never for a moment doubted.

On an extemporized couch of empty boxes and chairs was stretched the mortal corporeality of Major Wentworth Caswell.

God I characterized as individual entity, but his corporeality I denied.

She stood looking at him, finding comfort in the sheer corporeality of his presence.

He (Spier) insists too much that corporeality is an illusion, and does not answer the question: why variation of sensations?

(The substantiality of the unsubstantial body, is as false as the corporeality of an incorporeal spirit).