Identification [noun]

Definition of Identification:

labeling; means of labeling

Synonyms of Identification:

Opposite/Antonyms of Identification:


Sentence/Example of Identification:

Many officers have also refused to uncover their badge numbers, deterring identification.

Oportun allows borrowers to use an individual tax identification number in lieu of a Social Security number when they apply for loans, making them easily accessible to undocumented immigrants.

The notices should include a “claim identification number” and a “confirmation code,” which can be entered here.

The FBI and police scan these masses of photos through computer programs that digitize them for identification.

It must be made explicit that identification between devices is anonymized and securely stored in encrypted form to prevent violation of privacy.

They haven’t started thinking about an identification system yet, but Grego says this device won’t take pictures of any body parts.

“It is a perfect identification,” murmured Mr. Arden, with his eyes still riveted on the plaster faces.

This will show all bacteria except the tubercle bacillus, and often no other stain is necessary for their identification.

The presence of such a diplococcus in meningeal exudates is, however, sufficient for its identification.

Identification was established by a wallet containing papers of the deceased.