Credentials [noun]

Definition of Credentials:

references, attestation

Synonyms of Credentials:

Opposite/Antonyms of Credentials:

Sentence/Example of Credentials:

Two floors up, he and his family had a separate trading operation that burnished his credentials on Wall Street.

Login credentials will be sent to participants 48 hours prior to training.

The historically crowded field meant that multiple candidates were able to make claims either to their progressive bona fides or to their more centrist credentials.

The story of jeers, walkouts and credential fights is also the story of how the parties have transformed themselves and sorted out their distinct and sometimes competing ideological identities.

Given their svelte design credentials, the Viking longship traditionally required only a single man per oar when cruising through the neutral waters.

It is thus that I have seen it stated in the credentials granted to the said Fleuche, first Patriarch of those lands.

Big front with plenty of credentials and a neat black mustache which could be shaved off easily enough later.

In that freemasonry of the wilderness they dispensed with credentials, save those each man carried in his face and in his manner.

The Commissioners refused to establish their position by showing their credentials.

The Assembly refused to recognize them officially without credentials.