Verification [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Verification:

That particular afternoon there were few people at the Verification Office.

At first merely a verification of the history of the case as I have it.

She gave him, through that veil of silvery beams, a long look of verification.

Verification is the Ariadne-thread by which the real issues may be found.

I wasn't going to give him any verification of that suspicion if I could help it.

He was in nowise comforted by the verification of his 'I told you so!'

There is, however, no genius so gifted as not to need control and verification.

To the other technician the general said, "Get a chunk for verification of the alloy."

By way of verification, she held aloft a formidable-appearing, fat volume.

People may have their ideas, but verification is not to be had.