Averment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Averment:

And the oath prescribed for them on returning was explicitly an averment of truth.

Neither in itself nor in its preamble was there an averment, or even an assumption of its necessity, as a rule of guidance.

The Ministerial averment answered no purpose, save to excite a general burst of disapprobation.

The resolutions in question were published in the city papers and can be referred to in substantiation of this averment.

A man's asking a passport for Baden would be a tacit averment, 'I am going to gamble.'

No averment in the pleadings of the plaintiff is necessary, in order to give jurisdiction.

A new objection is raised against the averment that the gods, &c. also are entitled to the knowledge of Brahman.

Mr. Larocque: Will you look at the last averment in your indictment?

Sentiment aside, there is a measure of truth in the averment that the Army Mule and the army bean put down the rebellion.

I must take exception, for instance, to his averment “that what we respect and admire,” viz.