Protestation [noun]

Definition of Protestation:


Opposite/Antonyms of Protestation:

Sentence/Example of Protestation:

The two women were rather startled, but refrained from all protestation.

I smiled, and my eyes must have told her more than any protestation could.

The mate sprang into the fore-rigging with an oath of protestation.

What had been only a request, now became a demand,—accompanied by threats and protestation.

Those who were loud in protestation turned like a summer wind from south to west.

"I don't believe you," said she, from custom waiting his protestation.

With the same reply she receives your protestation of love, and blushes as she receives.

All was hubbub, protestation, frightened cries, and hysterical laughter.

Instantly there was a howl of protestation from the crowd back of first base.

And she had asked herself sundry questions as to that protestation.