Remonstrance [noun]

Definition of Remonstrance:


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Sentence/Example of Remonstrance:

Burke, however, shook his head in remonstrance against Gilder's plea.

With a whine of remonstrance it swung wider, and Crane stepped out on the sidewalk.

But ere the remonstrance was uttered, the bird lay quivering on the ground.

The remonstrance was not regarded, and the expedition proceeded.

Amanda did not prevent him; she had no breath left for remonstrance.

There was something of uncertainty and remonstrance in her look; something that was not all satisfaction.

All remonstrance was useless, as he had got as far as the bar before he was perceived.

Yesterday the Parliament presented its remonstrance to my son.

Again he called, not as before in a tone of remonstrance, but with a voice of fear.

There had been a murmur, presumably of remonstrance, from Helen.