Asseveration [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Asseveration:

In a Spanish version not only the cock crows, but his partner the hen lays an egg, in asseveration of the truth.

A formula of asseveration in Maryland and Pennsylvania is, “I cross my heart,” accompanied by the sign of the cross.

Even grown-up people will sometimes buy another's dearest secret for a light asseveration.

A similar asseveration of belief has place in most creeds or churches called Christian.

Why, truly, to justify this House in making a solemn asseveration of a particular fact!

He is proclaiming his resolution with a strong asseveration, 'I'll have a knock at it!'

If he told us, with a solemn asseveration, that this generation should not pass away till all had happened.

John indeed follows up his statement of what he saw with an unusually strong asseveration that what he says is true.

It is not expedient to burden this preliminary to my story with further details, which I do make asseveration I possess a-plenty.

Which way his own tastes leaned we may judge from his favorite asseveration, "By my Zuccone."