Cable [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cable:

I plainly heard a noise upon the cover of my closet like that of a cable, and the grating of it as it passed through the ring.

That he laughed at their folly, and went himself in the boat, ordering his men to take a strong cable along with them.

The second cable quotes mine of last night wherein I ask leave to call for the East Lancs.

Neither of us has had a reply to his cable; instead, he has been told two enemy submarines are on their way to pay us a visit.

The Spanish authorities had just time before this measure was taken to report the bare facts to Madrid by cable.

Anchored at Imbros when I got a cable asking me what forces I shall need to carry right through to a finish.

Actually, after much heart searching and head scratching, my mind has made itself up and has gone home by cable to-day.

If K. gets into a bad temper over the opening of my cable, its tail end should lift him out again.

Curt as is the cable it has yet scope to show up a little more of our great K.'s outfit.

Sent one pretty stiff cable as we all agreed that we must make ourselves quite clear upon the question of guns and shell.