Letter [noun]

Definition of Letter:

symbol of an alphabet

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Sentence/Example of Letter:

She did urge the county to take out SDSU students from the statistics, and they’re going to send a letter to the state asking that the SDSU numbers not be included in the calculation of the county’s tier status.

I could name many of them who, for example, organized and signed a letter of support for me in 1991.

That’s why Ivan tells Selin that his love for her is “for the person writing your letters.”

Let’s get to the letter of the law, as Apple is a stickler for precision when it comes to these rules.

Obviously, thankfully, that letter never needed to be opened, but I wrote that letter that tells your loved ones what you want them to know.

It’s not clear if the letter played any role in the FTC launching its investigation.

In August, I led 144 of my colleagues in the House and Senate in a public comment letter to Secretary Carson demanding that this rule be rescinded.

Sometimes, Fischer said, the health department would have to give the person a letter to verify that they needed a test.

However, no food banks surveyed by ProPublica reported actually seeing the letters so far.

He turned to the gentle accents of his sweet Alice, breathed in a letter which had been wet with her grateful tears.