Disc [noun]

Definition of Disc:

sheet, panel

Synonyms of Disc:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disc:


Sentence/Example of Disc:

Regular in size and shape, the discs define the pieces’ circles-within-squares layouts, but don’t limit their playful themes.

Woods, 45, said this one was aimed at removing “a pressurized disc fragment” that was pinching his nerve and causing “discomfort” at the PNC Championship.

A very slight movement of the armature disc J, therefore, suffices to open to the full extent two long exhaust passages.

The movement of this disc is reduced to something less than the 1/100 part of an inch.

The moon had risen over the lake and the water now only showed broken reflections of its disc.

If by chance the sun's disc becomes visible during the day, it appears devoid of rays, as if seen through colored glasses.

The rim of the dawn behind them cut, with its flat, gold disc, straight down to the heart of the world.

As the whirling disc revolves less rapidly, every eye is fixed upon the ball.

The sky was full of circling disc-bombers long before the war began; they had been up there for years.

One of the tombs near the moat has a door formed of a great stone disc running in a groove and socket.