Lending [verb]

Definition of Lending:

loan, accommodate

Synonyms of Lending:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lending:

Sentence/Example of Lending:

On every side rose little islands, covered with small trees or underwood, lending a most magic appearance to the river.

The wet uniforms were hung up to dry, Mr. Darwood in the meantime lending the lads some other garments.

They were read out at the meetings, and afterwards carefully preserved, for lending to those who required good counsel.

At the same time he began lending money on short time, and by speculating with the poorer class he acquired a certain competence.

For usury and lending upon interest were forbidden by the Church, but trafficking was lawful and permitted.

I shall be there all the afternoon giving out the lending-library books, and a good many volumes need re-covering.

It is flanked with a doctor's shop and a money-lending establishment; with a savings bank and a solicitor's office.

As it was, she sat on my left, opposite Liosha, lending a polite ear to the answers to Susan's eager questions.

They loaned money to individuals, too, though at Rome money lending was discreditable.

The stringent laws of the old rgime had crowded that unfortunate people out of all occupations but two—peddling and money-lending.