Embezzlement [noun]

Definition of Embezzlement:

stealing money, often from employer

Synonyms of Embezzlement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Embezzlement:

Sentence/Example of Embezzlement:

In a high point of view, it was simple embezzlement; it was little better than a form of swindling.

He was arrested, charged with the embezzlement of thirty-three hundred dollars from the firm which employed him.

It is as certain as anything can be that George Horbury never lost a penny by embezzlement or, indeed, in any other way.

Her husband abused her, and before they had been married a year he ran away to escape a charge of embezzlement.

This might be a case of embezzlement such as he had before known among his younger patrons.

Try as the committee might to keep the matter secret, the embezzlement would leak out and afford sensational copy for the papers.

Favoral appeared to me singularly calm for a man charged with embezzlement and forgery.

Here obtaining goods under false pretenses and embezzlement are commended by God himself.

Embezzlement is the appropriation, by a clerk or servant, to himself, of money or property put into his hands in trust.

Already were seen the effects of the wealth that was pouring into Italy in the embezzlement of the public money by the Scipios.